Together we save the environment

Flower is a beautiful and popular present in many occasions: Valentine’s day, Women’s day… But after the holidays, tons of “flower garbage” fill our streets, it’s wasteful and unpleasant to see. Nylon bags and flower wrappers are harmful to the environment because they aren’t degradable easily and will end up in landfill or burnt and release toxic gases. This Vietnamese Women’s day 20/10, please come together with Fablab to save the environment by:

(1) Choose flowers or bouquets without wrappers.
(2) If you receive flowers with wrappers, give Fablab the wrappers for recycling projects.
Address: Fablab Hanoi, no. 2 alley 59 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi.
Contact: 04 6292 5990 | Email:
Wrappers collecting time: everyday 9-18h from 18-28th Oct.
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Together we save the environment

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