Having the mission of  building the Maker Community in Hanoi and Vietnam,  Fablab Hanoi wants to create a creative makerspace where everyone can build products useful for life together.

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Therefore, Fablab Hanoi is now looking for volunteers in the following position:

  • 5 Fab Event-Maker: Organize events and courses
  • 5 Fab Digital Marketer: Do PR and Marketing for events and courses
  • 3 Fab Designer & Photographer: Take photos, design pictures, banners and videos
  • 7 Fab Apprentice: Run the Helping Hand and Smartlab projects in Fablab Hanoi

Benefits of being our Fab Volunteer:

  • Maximize your creativity
  • Work in a professional and energetic environment
  • Train and develop your capability through series of activities in Fablab Hanoi
  • Explore and get used to modern technology
  • Get free access to machines and equipment in the lab
  • Participate in courses and workshops conducted by Fablab Hanoi
  • Letter of recommendation from us in case you are finding a job or scholaship when you have contributed at least 100 hours

Requirements for participants

  • Willing to learn and improve yourself
  • Responsible for your tasks
  • Capable of teamwork
  • Students are highly preferred

Fab Event-Maker:

  • Can speak English
  • Those with event organizing experience are highly preferred

Fab Digital Marketer:

  • Can read and write in English
  • Those with Marketing experience are highly preferred

Fab Designer and Photographer:

  • Master picture editing/video making softwares
  • Passionate about photography

Fab Apprentice:

  • Passionate about creating practical products
  • Students in technical universities( with one of following majors: Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Science) are highly preferred


To apply for being our volunteers, please send your CV to fablab.hanoi.vn@gmail.com. The deadline is 23:59 July 16, 2016.


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