SEA Makerthon Hanoi 2016 – 04-Sep,2016

Much more memorable with “SEA MAKERTHON HANOI 2016” event, which was organized by Fablab Hanoi on September 3rd – 4th at VTC Academy – Digital Content and Technology Center.

Sea Makerthon Hanoi 2016 is one in a series of 10 contests at 10 cities of 6 southeast countries led by SEAMNET. The contest in Hanoi aims at seeking solutions to the puzzle of food waste consumption, which is a simple but urgent issue nowadays. Despite of being organized during the holiday, the event was still very hot. The candidates did check in at 7.30 am to prepare for the contest.


The judges of the contest were lecturers and mentors from universities and associations from Hanoi. They were Mr. Hoang Viet Tien from VIA (Vietnam Internet Association), Mr; Sinh Nguyen from VTC Academy, Dr. Jean-Louis Biaggi and Dr. Minh Ha-Duong from University of Sicience and Technology of Hanoi, Dr. Thuy Nguyen from Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

It was an honour for the contest to receive the interest and sponsorship from VIA , VTCA, MME , USTH, Winrock, Auto Desk and EIBV. Besides, we must say thank to the support from such mentors as Ms. Nguyen Thanh Phuong – Co-Founder Fablab Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hieu – Creative Director of ADN Communications, Mr. Le Hoang Long – Fab Master Fablab Hanoi and Co-Founder of MME Production & Commercial Services Limited Company, Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh – Manager and Co-Founder of KisStartup, together with the participation of experts such as Mr. Nguyen Van Viet – FabMaster Fablab Hanoi, Mr. Bach Nguyen Ha – Fab Associate Fablab Hanoi, Ms.Trang Sandy – FabMaster Fablab Hanoi and lecturer of Technology University.


During 14 hours working on the subject of “Food Waste in restaurants and households”, the teams formed manual patterns and made presentations to the judges about their ideas. Eight teams brought eight creative and useful ideas:
1. Team “The Bold” with product “BigO”
2. Team “Infinition” with product “VaPro”
3. Team “Seven Color Rabbit” with product “NeighborFood”
4. Team “Healers” with product “MaVeBox”
5. Team “MEO” with product “MeoFood”
6. Team “ROT” with product “AnGiDay”
7. Team “Qeenbee” with product “FoodBank”
8. Team “P.Wreckers” with product “RIVO/CalTrack”

After observing the teams working and listening to their 3-minute pitches and 5-minute Q&A, the judges felt so difficult selecting the winner. It seemed that the word “winner” should not be used here because all the teams were winners. They did concentrate and have good teamwork to ideate their products. All of them did finish the contest successfully.


Finally, to nominate a representative for the final contest of southeast countries organized in Singagpore, the judges decided to select product “NeighborFood” of team “Seven Color Rabbit”. The product was highly appreciated for the interesting idea and intelligent finance plan.

SEA Makerthon Hanoi 2016 created a useful technology playground where participants could share their ideas and learned from experts. Participants had a meaningful experience of ideating a product and advertising it to the community.
SEA Makerthon Hanoi 2016 – 04-Sep,2016

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